About the Company

Production Association Penza Factory “Electromechizmerenie”, PA PF “EMI” (Russian: ООО Производственное объединение Пензенский завод «Электромехизмерение», ПО ПЗ «ЭМИ») is a Russian company, manufacturing automotive components. The plant is located in Penza, a city 650 km South-East from Moscow.

The company offers a wide range of goods, such as:

Penza Factory “Electromechizmerenie” Corporate LogoPenza Factory “EMI” logo
  • oil pressure alarm sensors,
  • air pressure alarm sensors,
  • back up light switches,
  • pneumatic stop signal switches,
  • voltage regulators,
  • flasher and turn signal relays,
  • windscreen wiper relays,
  • starter relays,
  • headlight relays,
  • horn relays, etc.

The full list of products can be found in the catalogue (there are over 200 models total).

There are more than 500 organizations who are the clients of the company, including seventeen automobile plants: GAZ (Gorky Automobile Plant), ZIL (Likhachev Factory), ZMZ (Zavolzhsky Motor Plant), KAMAZ (Kama Automobile Plant), PAZ (Pavlovo Bus Factory), UAZ (Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant), UZAM (Ufa Motor Plant), UMZ (Ulyanovsk Motor Plant), UralAZ (Ural Automotive Plant), Volzhanin Bus Plant, YaMZ (Yaroslavl Motor Plant), BAZ (Bryansk Automobile Plant), PTZ (Petersburg Traktor Plant), TMZ (Tutaevsky Motor Plant), LiAZ (Likinskiy Bus Plant), Rostselmash and MMZ (Mytishchinskiy Engineering Plant).

“Electromechizmerenie” owns 5 manufacturing buildings, workshops for manufacturing of parts, assembly and packaging of products, foundries, testing laboratories, warehouses.

The well-developed infrastructure of the company allows to design and to put into serial 5 to 10 new products yearly.

Some of the goods have been developed withing the company by special orders of Russian automotive plants and have no analogs in the world. All the goods that are manufactured by us are certified. The products are protected with the patents.

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The company was founded in 1991 by a group of engineers from a research institute, developing sensor units for spaceships. The first product produced were electronic scales, designed to be the part of the system called “Vityaz”. They were used in the disaster recovery at Chernobyl.

In 1992, we began manufacturing emergency oil pressure sensors ММ 111 Д for Ufa Motor Plant conveyer, and thus the main strategic line of our production was determined. Since that time we started to produce automobile parts.

In the early years of the company the manufacturing capacity was sufficient only for the assembly of components. We had to entrust the production of parts to other Penza factories. By 2000, we were able to build own workshops and to start manufacturing of all necessary parts for our products. Thus we significantly improved product quality and cut down the costs of products.

In 2003 the production was certified for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001–2001, and in 2009 the company has implemented a quality management system complying with the requirements of ISO / TS 16949:2002 (GOST R 51814_1-2004) for design, development and production. We have obtained a corresponding certificate.

Contracts with 17 major Russian automobile plants became good indicators of the high culture of our production and responsibility of our company. Since 1992, we began to work with Ufa Motor Plant (UZAM),

  • since 1993 – with Ulyanovsk Motor Plant (UMZ),
  • since 2002 – with Likhachev Factory (ZIL),
  • since 2003 – with Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant (UAZ),
  • since 2004 – with Zavolzhsky Motor Plant (ZMZ),
  • since 2005 – with Ulyanovsk Motor Plant (UMZ),
  • since 2007 – with Gorky Automobile Plant (GAZ),
  • since 2009 – with Pavlovo Bus Factory (PAZ),
  • since 2010 – with Ural Automotive Plant (UralAZ)
  •                       and “Volzhanin” Bus Plant,
  • since 2013 – with Yaroslavl Motor Plant (YaMZ),
  • since 2014 – with Bryansk Automobile Plant (BAZ)
  •                       and Petersburg Traktor Plant (PTZ)
  • since 2015 – with Tutaevsky Motor Plant (TMZ),
  • since 2016 – Likinskiy Bus Plant (LiAZ),
  •                       Rostselmash
  •                       and Mytishchinskiy Engineering Plant (MMZ)

For 26 years our team has come a long way of growth and development, and has created a safe and stable production company. Year after year we are expanding the range of our products, increasing production volumes and extending the area of marketing.

We are now a strong team of professionals, and keep moving forward. Our permanent objectives are to work more effectively, to develop and implement new products and to keep perfecting the quality of existing products.