Product: 6012.3829

oil pressure alarm sensor


wholesale price

excl. VAT
$0.58 and 0.50
with VAT
$0.68 and 0.59

transportation packing

small box
240 pcs.


used in
Moskvitch 2141, UAZ, KAMAZ, MAZ, Ural, ZIL, foreign cars brands
ММ111Д, 2602.3829 and АДМ1
part numbers
  • КАМАЗ5320-3829030
  • Commercial ignitionXOPS51
  • Commercial ignitionXOPS60
  • Fae11320
  • KW500.032
  • Land Rover567 920
давление срабатывания
0.6±0.2 кгс/см²
OKP code
45 7382 6592
short link
circuit diagram
circuit type: E

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