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The most recent change in the catalogue was on December 1, 2017: two new turn signal relays were added: 57.3777-04 and 57.3777-06.

On October 30, 2017 six new products were added (1352.3768-06, 644.3777-01, 473.3787-10, 48.3787-05, 46.3787-32 and 783.3787-002); the prices for some items were updated.

On September 4, 2017 the prices for some items were updated.

On July 1, 2017 two new switches were added: 6042.3829-01, 6072.3829-07; the products were re-sorted.

On June 21, 2017 New windscreen relay was added − 58.3777-04.

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automotive sensors

automotive switches

automotive electronics – voltage regulators

automotive electronics – turn signal relays

automotive electronics – other relays

starter relays

multipurpose coil relays for circuit boards

multipurpose coil relays with flat connectors


custom designed products

We are able to design and mass-produce new types of sensors, voltage regulators and relays based on the technical specifications from our clients. It normally takes no longer than 3 to 4 months between we start the first blueprint and send you the first lot of the new product (in simple cases, the whole process takes only 1 to 2 months). Because all technological procedures are carried out in our own workshops, we are able to avoid significant overhead costs and can also be completely sure in the quality we deliver.

If you are looking for a supplier of a component that is similar to what we already produce, we will be happy to discuss the details of your task (preferably in Russian).